Solera was born on the 11th of October 1980 in Malmö/Sweden, to Eva and Kenneth Nilsson. The birth was traumantic, Soleras heart was beating irregular and he was delivered via a Caesarean section.

However after the deliverance no malfunction of his heart could be found

at this point. (1980)

Solera suffered a lot from febrile convulsions as a child, he was so often in convulsions that he couldn't stay in daycare, instead  his grandparents took care of him. The strong bonds to his grandparents remained through life.

Fredrik, his baby brother is being born.

According to Solera, his first real memory.

-Pure joy, he recalls. -We were best friends

from the very first moment. (1984)

Just before Solera was starting his school years he was being diagnosed with a non-curable eye disease,

Thygesons Keratit. A disease causes severe sensitivity towards

light and a burning sensation. This condition hunted him for 10 years, when it as suddenly it had appeard, now disappeared.

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During the third year of performing at school shows
and during the final year at the "Kulladal School"
he gets to

do a final show with “back-up singers” and “dancers”,

imitating his favoutite singers in a medley.(1992)

The first Henrick Solera song is being written and performed,

"I Love You", a pop/soul song. (1994)

Enters a imitation contest
and wins after imitating and lipsyncing to the song
“Jag Mår Illa” by the Swedish singer, Magnus Uggla (1990)

He buys his first Electric Guitar, Applause.
During a school show, he imitates Elvis & Cliff Richard,

with the songs, All Shook Up & Livin’ Doll. (1991)

Henrick begins at high school and forms his very first

own band, "H20". Their first appereance is at school in

front of roughly 1000 people. The very first song was the

Ben E King song: "Stand By Me" (1993)